Friday, February 19, 2010

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As usual, a steady diet of Neyer, Posnanski and FanGraphs:

But first, don't miss my Chase Utley post just prior to this links post.

Neyer: Giants’ Posey ticketed for AAA

Neyer: Santana not conceding to Halladay (yet) - - Halladay is Lincecum’s biggest threat at becoming a 3-peat Cy Young Award winner.

Posnanski: Baseball predictions in February!

Posnanski: Frank Thomas

R.J Anderson (FanGraphs): Giants’ Jigsaw Pieces

Dave Allen (FanGraphs): Joey Votto’s Opposite-Field Power and Amazing Fly-Ball BABIP and the opposite = You Call That a Spray-Chart Split? and Aaron Hill Folllow-Up

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