Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I think he loves baseball

Recently FanGraphs updated their UZR ratings by taking into account some of the unique ballparks – such as left field at Fenway. Guess what? Jason Bay’s 2009 UZR went from -13.8 to +1.9. You better believe that affected what he was able to get in free agency. I think a few more teams would have been interested and it would have driven his stock up. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

Muy interesante. Hey I mess you guys, we got to hang out more often.

Love ya.

Miss u guys 2. I enjoyed hanging with u both this weekend.
Agree completely. Either of you get nervous when Lincecum pitches? I know that’s weird but I do! Murph and Mac were talking about that this morning. Pretty strange … I’ve never gotten nervous for a Cain start, Zito start, etc.
I just get a little nervous because I want him to get a W every time. But most of all, it hasn't worn off that we are watching something special. Every single start I feel very lucky because I know I am watching one of the few great dominate starters ever. We never saw Gibson or Koufax, or Gooden early just really great guys like Pedro etc. And even if we had, it wouldn't have been every 5th day!

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