Friday, April 23, 2010

New Look, Same Bad Smell....

Bob: Nothing good to talk about. It's early, but I feel like it's last year all over again with a different twist.
I can't believe how good the pitching has been 1-4? At least that is fun, but oh so painful to see it wasted. Is it too early to say that your Affeldt post in December was spot on, Ror? Yes, I think so...but time will probably prove you right. What to do in the mean time? I guess I could pretend to like the sharks until they get eliminated this week or next.

Dirty: They really didn’t fix anything that was the problem last year; we kind of knew that coming in. You could say they upgraded the offensive marginally, sure, but nothing drastic. We also knew that injury could become a factor with an aged every day lineup, which it already has. Rowand was a freak injury – but DeRosa is older and already missed a few games. Freddy Sanchez still isn’t very close to returning and May 1st seems highly unlikely if not impossible now.

The No. 5 spot in the rotation is looking to be precisely what it was last year – an almost guaranteed L. Their defense has probably played above its true ability to this point … we’ll be lucky if that continues. Affeldt’s not going to have the season he had last year – I think it was spot on. He’ll be good or at least Ok, but not dominant. I still think the ‘pen is solid though.
Most encourage is J. Sanchez. He’s missing bats as he always has but he’s found that consistency with his motion. It’s beautiful to see him grow up. He’s getting into the 7th and 8th inning now. That’s something he’s never been able to do.
Wellermeyer is the perfect example of why spring stats for veterans are utterly useless. Wellerymeyer deals only to promptly get hammered in the regular season. Lincecum was the exact opposite: bad spring, sterling April thus far. And Bumgarner is not ready to save the day on the 5 spot. He’s on a strict pitch count now too, apparently.

Watching the Giants’ offense disgusts me.

Big Pop: You are 100% right on the money. We didn't fix anything over the winter. Sabean and Botchy need to GO! They don't get the job done. It's time to clean the old out. We have some very good pieces to the puzzle. But, we are missing some very important ingredients. I am truly amazed at how slow they are to act on this. The time is now not in a few years. The staff is dominant 1,2,3, and #4 four (Sanchez is showing great ability). We need consistent offense, not some has beens or wannabe's. Retreads haven't worked in the past 5 years it's time for a a new strategy. I say fire Sabean and make some trades for offense. Just don't give away the farm.That's my take.

Rockfish: Passionate the Paap men are about baseball. The giants' fast start really worried me, because I knew it wasn't sustainable, and it would be just a matter of time before the offense returned to the mean. They aren't much improved from last year, and to Rory's point....they are still old, slow, and will struggle to support this stellar starting staff. Can you imagine what we would have if Tim, Cain, and Sanchez were here 8 years ago, or if BB was 8 years younger? That absolutely kills me. Sabean is a bum, and needs to go.
you should post this.
Bob: If Dirty is ok with it, we should post this tomorrow. Tim, Matt, Jonathan, and let's not forget how good Barry has been so far. Zito I mean, oh man, but this would have the baseball world pissing in their jock straps if the other Barry was 8 years younger.
Dirty: Well I guess while we’re at it we may as well plug in a younger Mays in center and Stretch at 1B. I’ll take Kent at 2B and move Posey in as catcher. Maybe a Spier at SS or Aurilia if we want more offense. Definitely leaving Panda at 3B. Shoot – lets just plug in Christie Mathewson or Carl Hubble as the 5th starter. Did Ott play RF – or Cepeda? I think that should do it …
Rockfish: Whoa Whoa Whoa, I think you are just being a smart a** now.

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