Monday, May 10, 2010

BigFish starts it off

Big Fish:
So I'm sitting here thinking about this past weekend. We lost the series yet I don't feel compelled to cry. We came back and didn't give up. This team may be legitimate, or maybe not. I hope it is. I think we still need some help. What will they do? Will they stand or bet the future to win now. I believe this could be the future now. I don't think if we are still this good in July, we wait. I think they have to go out and get some help before the trade deadline. Do they make a trade, or take someone off the junk heap for the late summer push? What's the take from my boys? Dirty, You said you hadn't written anything on your blog lately. You weren't kidding. I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll see you soon. Go Giants! I love you.

I agree BigFish! They have shown that they have the fight in them that lastyear's team never had. Every game has been a dog fight, and the startingpitching has kept them close every day. Even the losses have been by closemargins, and often the winning runs have been scored after the pen tookover. Another hitter with a little more of the "scary" factor would givethem the advantage at least within this division. Dirty made a point yesterday, where do they put him if they get him? I'm excited. Love you guys.

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