Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He's been pretty decent... Part II

I guess there are a couple of factors to consider why they may be holding back on bringing him up. First off, Huff is playing well. He’s catching the ball and hitting a little bit. There hasn’t been a real reason to shit him against lefties yet either. Secondly, Whiteside is playing well. He’s of course become Sanchez’s personal catcher – but what’s more is that he’s been hitting. That’s honestly probably a fluke and once he really starts struggling at the plate, maybe that’s the time to bring up Posey. And if it’s at a point in the season where it pushes his free agency back by a year, all the better. I don’t see how he can sit and say he’s not ready offensively or defensively yet when most scouts thought he was ready at seasons beginning.

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