Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jayson Werth...Doubles

Dirty: I did check on that doubles thing by Jayson Werth. The record is 67 from 1936. The closest anyone has come recently (year 2000, Todd Helton) was 59. Werth is on pace to hit 72 doubles …

Surely he’ll cool down on the doubles, but wow. Quite the statement for a free agent to be …

Should the giants take a run at him, or is it pre-destined that the yankees, red sox, cubs or angels get him?

He’ll be a type A free agent, I don’t know that the Giants are necessarily in the market for those anymore.

He’s a good player. Good athlete, can steal a bag. Works the count extremely well. Plenty of power. Good outfielder with a very good arm. I like him a lot. I think there’s a good chance he’d work out a lot better than Rowand did for the Giants.

Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena will also be free agents. Those are the 3 big offensive fish this offseason.

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