Thursday, May 20, 2010

The long awaited return of Freddy Sanchez …

The long awaited return of Freddy Sanchez …
The one problem is that Bochy has no idea how to make out a batting order. Seems to me it’s a no brainer to move Torres to leadoff, Rowand down to 6-7-8 and install Freddy in the two hole. Oh well.

Bochy (Last Night)
1. Rowand
2. Torres
3. Sanchez
4. Sandoval
5. Molina
6. Uribe
7. Schierholtz
8. Ishikawa – Huff has night off

This is how I’d set it most nights …

1. Torres
2. Freddy
3. Sandoval
4. Uribe
5. Huff
6. Rowand
7. Schierholtz
8. Molina


Guess they didn't do anything right last night. To your point, I still believe the 3 hole is reserved for the best hitter on the team...maybe it really doesn't matter, but I doubt that. How do you bring a guy in on day one in the middle of the season and hit him 3? Plus, he's not a 3 hitter on this team even if he's had 150 ABs already. I'm kind of getting pissed about the whole thing again.

Finally had someone speak the truth last night on Comcast Bay Area…. F.P. Santangelo basically stopped his colleagues in their tracks and said ….

~ “we keep calling these guys…Cy Latos, Cy Kennedy, etc…” “we need to stop giving credit to every pitcher that shuts them down and start faulting the Giants’ offense…” “kennedy was good, but not THAT good… he shouldn’t be shutting them down for 3 hits in 8 innings.”

He also mentioned that Wellermeyer has to go and I think used the word “disgusting” to describe his pace, lack of confidence and possible apathy. People are going to start beating the drum on Bumgarner. Since his first two horrible AAA starts, he’s been dealing in his last 6. He’s starting to strike batters out again, walking fewer and giving up fewer hits.
Posey continues to draw walks, hit, and throw runners out about 50% of the time

I have no desire whatsoever to watch Wellermeyer pitch. I just fast-forwarded through the DBacks’ AB’s and watched the counts go 2-0, 3-0 over and over and the runs pile up. That guy is terrible. I have no desire to watch Travis Ishikawa play baseball either. Gold glove type first baseman’s who can’t hit a lick are about as useful as a Jessica Alba to a blind man, or maybe an offensive tackle being able to catch a football.

I call the whole thing awe inspiringly iffy. IF 30 different completely precarious links hold together, they're awesome. IF a few break down, they're awful. For instance, if Rowand is on a hot streak rather than a cold one, if Renteria, DeRosa, Sanchez are healthy AND hitting (doubt to see that ever happen simultaneously), if we get decent production from youngsters. If IF iF. Should stand for "It's F*ck*d".

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