Saturday, July 17, 2010

Belt Update

So that Brandon Belt kid? In AA – the same AA that has basically taken last years promising A-Advanced, title winning, promising hitters, and slapped them in the face – it didn’t slow him down. Since his promotion, well see the stats below. 5 HR in 40 AB’s to go with a 1.337 OPS. And 5 of his HR have come against left handed pitchers even though he himself is a left handed hitter. I know it’s only 300 AB’s but holy smokes this kid is on fire. I hope they can retain him during the trade deadline because I want to see where this kid ends up. His apparent good eye and ability to draw walks is such a key in this organization – I wouldn’t doubt it if a trade partner conveniently tries to throw his name in the deal. The Giants would be smart to say, “no way.” They say A to AA is the biggest jump.

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