Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bengie Molina Trade: Follow Up

The PTBNL was actually a former 1st round pick. The Rangers have a quality farm system and Baseball America had him as their 21st best prospect. He’s a right handed pitcher that was just promoted to Double A. So, they actually did get something for Molina, holy smokes. His name is Michael Main I think.

Anyway, Molina had some nice things to say along with the hurt feelings which were apparent. No shock there but he was a good Giant.

Rowand is leading off again and Torres sitting … what the heck is Bochy doing? Could he be showcasing Rowand to trade him– much in the way that Molina started two games in a row and sat Posey for both early this week? I hope there’s SOME explanation. I don’t care if Torres has cooled down and Rowand has started actually hitting the baseball again. Stay tuned …

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