Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I guess the Giants are trying to acquire Jorge Cantu from Florida. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised by this. He can’t play outfield and he’s a pretty poor defender. He’s right handed and I think they truly coveted a lefty. I don’t see exactly where he fits in as an upgrade. I would WAY rather have Uggla, if he was even an option. You could stick him at 3B and Panda at 1st, or vice versa, and then leave Huff in left. Do you think he gets a bullpen arm as well? He’s going to do something, I guarantee it. I hope they don’t lose Eric Surkamp in San Jose – I think he’s going to end up in the rotation for sure.

.308 OBP, .410 SLG, 10 HR. That’s just not a worthwhile upgrade, I mean, it’s probably a downgrade. What is Sabean thinking? Did I mention he’s a butcher with the glove?

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