Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Padres Don't Face Aces | Panda Troubles

Do you recall when I mentioned the Padres never face Aces? Well, they face the Dodgers this week – I think for a 4-gamer – and they won’t face Kershaw, how weird.

Both key AB’s for the Giants fell to Renteria last night, and he couldn’t even put the ball in play in either one. That’s pretty bad considering the Marlins have made, I believe, the most errors in the NL. He’s really awful. He has zero range at SS and zero power to speak of. His slugging percentage is .328 and he’s pulled exactly two balls all season I’m pretty sure. I don’t know why teams don’t just pound him with fastballs inside, outside, anywhere. His bat has gotten so slow that he was absolutely blown away by back-to-back 88 MPH fastballs last night. WOW!

This might be crazy but when that ball that Stanton hit in the 8th to left center left the bat, I thought Torres had a shot at it. As the camera panned towards the play I noticed it was Rowand and he had no shot. The ball went off the wall and I’m not sure Torres would have come close. Regardless, it reaffirmed my complete and utter disgust that Bochy has the audacity to move Torres to either RF or LF when Rowand plays or comes into the game late. He’s your starting centerfielder. He’s your starting centerfielder because he’s so far outperformed Rowand both offensively and defensively that there’s no question whatsoever he should be out there at all times. He’s made a two-dozen highlight reel catches already and we’re 100 games into the season. In fact, just last night he made perhaps the very best of all of his insane catches. Not to mention, he rarely even played in the entire first month of the season. With whatever progress Bochy has made with his rookie/ veteran treatment – it’s moves like this that he continues to do that just ware me out.

It’s not going to get any easier tonight when they face Josh Johnson. Johnson is without a doubt the best pitcher in the NL this year and it’s not smoke and mirrors. While Ubaldo’s luck has started to run out, Johnson has made 13 straight starts allowing 2 or fewer runs.

That catch was amazing, and it is precisely why Torres is the only CF needed unless he is out of the line up for rest. Absolutely insane to put Rowand there and move Torres to another position. I'm not a baseball genius, but I can't think of one way that helps the team win.

The padres have to be on borrowed time, if the giants can stay close I think you are right about taking the division right at the end.

I heard/read that Panda's going through a divorce (at 23?) and that is where he was at this weekend. If that is the case, I can imagine him not being focused because that is brutal - but does that explain a loss of bat speed? Who knows, emotions do have a very odd impact on your physical body sometimes and maybe getting this behind him will revive him. Not that I'm glad he's got this happening, but I am glad that there maybe some explanation for his decline.

That’s true – he is going through a divorce and that’s why he went back to Venezuela. I think there are kids involved so that complicates it even further. I’m sure if it’s not that main reason for his struggles, it’s not helping.

heard a guy on KNBR (a caller named Rob from SJ) say that he wishes the Giants would trade Sanchez for Cory Hart. I thought you'd be interested to hear that one.

A lot of people feel like giving Sanchez up for a bat is not such a bad idea, but what scares me about that is that even as inconsistent as JS can be, the fifth starter situation would be far worse. Without Bumgarner, that hole was enormous and almost an automatic loss (often a demoralizing one at that) every time. Ralph asked the caller this exact question...no response. He also said that he thinks D. WIllis will be the answer to the "no lefty in the pen" problem. This guy was a comedian.

People are absolutely out of their minds if they think the Giants can easily trade away ANY of their starters. They may have a great rotation but they don’t have depth. Inserting Wellermeyer would be a disaster in my opinion. I like the idea of having Wellermeyer either in the pen as a long man or in Fresno in case of an injury to a starter, that’s it. The Giants have eluded to possibly using Wellermeyer a few times to skip Bumgarner’s spot down the stretch to keep his innings down. Even the thought of that makes me cringe. So trading away Sanchez goes even beyond the obvious. You lose depth – essentially going from poor depth to no depth. You also lose the ability to reduce Bumgarner’s innings. Unless, you’re willing to give Wellermeyer the 5th spot, Bumgarner the 4th, and then skip Bumgarner for Joe Martinez a few times. Now how ridiculous is this getting? The rotation goes from stellar to just ok. Not to mention, I’m less and less confident I know what we’re getting out of Timmy. I hate to say it, but how can that not be a consideration?

One last thing: Cory Hart sucks. He was a 4th outfielder for the Brewers coming into the season. He was a non-tender candidate after this season because his arbitration cost was starting to exceed his actual value. He’s having a career year, largely driven by hitting the ball out of the park and his slugging percentage because he doesn’t get on base all that much. He plays in total homer-haven, offensive park and hits in front of Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun. Ya, I really want to trade for this guy.

Guess who is starting in CF tonight?

Something tells me Rowand.

I didn't know Panda was "Sad Panda" this year. Seems like that could really jack a guy up. Dude is only 23 thrust into the spotlight, and his whole life is back in another country.

I would have loved to hear that caller on KNBR. Did the Razor and Mr.T rip him a new one? Everyone tals crap on Sanchie about being inconsistent jeez, any team IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE would love to have someone as talented and young as him at even the 3 spot in the rotation. He's our number 4. Hart is mediocre at best. Ill break another chair if they pick him up. I'd rather stick with what we have and try to make a run at the division as is. I'm so sick of crappy mid to late season moves by Sabean.

Rowand had a couple hits last night, so maybe he'll get hot again. The guy rides streaks like racing stripes on a old man's BVD's.

Ya, Rowand gets white hot and just sizzles for like a week with multiple HR’s. Then, before you even know it, he’s oh-fer-twenty five with 15 strikeouts and 10 groundouts to shortstop

Yup, but do you think he has to play CF to be hot? Can't he play another position and still be his awfully streaky self?

No they really didn't rip the guy, the way Dirty put it was exactly what they should have said. Giving up Sanchez is a huge mistake and picking up Cory Hart is an even bigger one. Hopefully Sabean knows it.

I see that Lincecum has been inconsistent (by his standards only), I'm tryin to look on the bright side, which is he is still damn good. 3 bad starts in May, one in June and one in July - he's had a good to great start every other game, right? Sure his K's are down and he has given up a few louder hits all suddenly, but I think he'll still be in the top five in NL by seasons end.

Rowand is overpriced at any position. He is certainly not CF quality, he's at best a 4th outfielder or DH anywhere. I love his heart, but hate his batting stance, stick and arm.

No matter how tiny tim finishes in pitching rankings, we will always know he has the best haircut in the bigs.

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