Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smart Move: Keeping Bumgarner & Sanchez

In my opinion – and I believe they said this on postgame live as well – last night was a shining example of why the Giants were smart not to trade Bumgarner or Sanchez for a hitter. The Giants’ 4th starter is capable of throwing no hitters and matching the Marichal feat of striking out 7 straight batters. 4th starters don’t do things like that, and his presence at the BACK of the rotation is worth A LOT more than Corey Hart. Did you read that the Brewers promptly locked him up for 3 years, $26 or so million? I’ve been wrong before, but I think they’ll come to regret that.

Great job on the previously attached analysis. I couldn't agree more about not trading either south paw for a hitter. When a rotation is solid from 1-5, it's demoralizing for the opponents. No matter what, every day, every single effing day, the opponents have to face a guy who can make them look like Swiss cheese in the box, and they all go 6-7 innings of well pitched ball nearly every game. There is never a let up for the other team. Yeah, a lineup with a 3,4,5 that rakes has a similar effect, but not quite as dramatic. I've never routed for a team, been routing bay area my whole life, that I can remember being excited to see the starting pitcher every day. There was always at least 1 if not 2,3, or 4 lulls, right?

And seeing as how the giants have a strong lead-off hitter, a number 3 that is a league leader, a clean-up (albeit not the quintessential version) that is rookie of the year, and a few interchangeable 5-7-holers that can swing it, I'd say a hitter for either one of the lefties is way to expensive.

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