Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday philanthropy

If my links this week are a bit heavy, it's primarily because I am listening to Queens of the Stone Age this morning while drinking a homemade latte.
Jon Bois' latest in a (brilliant) month-long series entitled Letters From Spring Training: Kansas City Royals 

A great piece by Mike Fast of Baseball Prospectus: How Accurate Are BIS Pitch Locations?

A baseball 'Rooting interest flowchart.' I honestly got to the Giants, no lying. Why would I be afraid of eating sushi at a ballgame?
Our friends at Bay City Ball were on the SweetSpot this week. Here's a piece on Pablo Sandoval's potential bounce-back year.
Another awesome piece by Wezen-ball: Duke Snider, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays... and Charlie Brown! Enough said.
Shameless self-promotion... Some really smart guy wrote all about Aaron Hill's crummy 2010.
That's all I got. What's more, you guessed it, this is everything I RTed (retweeted) this week. Guilty.


  1. It's funny cuz sometimes we forget how good us Giants fans have it w/ all the talented people contributing towards the collective Giants Blogosphere. I've been paying attention to the "SweetSpot" in the post-Neyer era, and the guys from Bay City Ball were EASILY one of the better hosts thus far...even generating a majority of positive reviews; which is no small feat these days.

  2. I liked their posts too. I have not kept up with SweetSpot nearly as much since Neyer departed... I read him at SB Nation now. Some of the guests have been good, others not as much.

    They better pick his replacement wisely. Those are big shoes to fill. I read nearly every word he wrote for a year, after I first got turned on to it. It'll require a certain type of writer to make me continue that trend.