Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No reason to panic about Tejada

Note: this post is a joke, a spoof, and does not represent my actual thoughts on the subject. I thought I'd made that clear at the end, but I apparently did not. Sorry about that. Head over to Bay City Ball for my real take (there was and is a link to it at the bottom as well). Also, please do enjoy this ridiculous post I had fun writing...

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Here’s something I was surprised to read from Andy Baggarly, via Twitter (@extrabaggs):
Tweet 1: [The Giants] are having a great spring overall, but gotta be honest: Miguel Tejada has looked terrible. He falls down fielding hard grounder. 
Tweet 2: Not to be mean, but if I’m Tim Lincecum watching Miguel Tejada play short, I’m thinking I’d better strike out 400 this year.
Beat writers are paid to be objective, but this is borderline malicious. They have to ask the tough questions, sure, but come on! And besides, Tejada definitely has something left.

First of all, Tejada won an AL MVP award in 2002, and that definitely means something. He’s also an eight-time All-Star and two-time Silver Slugger award recipient. He’s one of the best players at the keystone over the last 20 years or so. What’s more, he’s hit in the middle of the lineup for just about every single team he’s ever played for, including the 2010 Padres, And those Padres almost made the playoffs.

He's a leader in the clubhouse, worthy of replacing two others in Edgar Renteria and Juan Uribe.

The evidence doesn’t stop there. Tejada hit 50 doubles in 2005 to lead the league! 50! He even hit 46 in 2009 to lead the league again. He’s already got 300 home runs in his career and his career batting average is very good for a shortstop at .287. More important than all of that, though, is the RBI he’s accumulated. He can really smell a run batted in when there are runners on base. It’s because of this that he’s finished six seasons with 100 or more RBI, leading the league in 2004 with 150!

Defensively, I’ve read a lot of junk about how he can’t play the position – this in addition to Baggarly’s recent additions to the discussion. It seems crazy to me. Really crazy. Ozzie Smith has a career .978 fielding percentage, and he’s in the Hall of Fame. In fact, he was largely voted in because of his glove and not his bat. They didn’t call him The Wizard for nothing. Tejada is a career .972 fielder, or just a shade below Smith.

Smith played until he was 41, and I see no reason why Tejada cannot follow in his foot stops. And Tejada’s a better run producer to boot. After the jump, my conclusion on this madness about Tejada's shortcomings...

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Three options (and they are all kind of plausible, right?):

  1. Murray Chass stole my blogger account information and posted something.
  2. I drank so much at my brother’s bachelor party this weekend that I have four brain cells remaining. My writing and take on baseball has evolved accordingly.
  3. This was a spoof post inspired by 8th Inning Weirdness (Twitter: @8thInnWeirdness), and my actual thoughts on this matter can be found elsewhere... a new era has begun.


  1. Yeah, I think this is a case of Baggs being bored on a rainy day and looking for a story.

  2. Wow, you got a visit from 22gigantes to your site, I'm terribly sorry about that. Also, is everything you write going to be posted both here and at BCB? Good article BTW.

  3. I have not quite figured out how I'm going to distribute my writing, i.e. whether I should just excerpt it here or what. I guess I'll experiment and see what works. I'm just trying to get as many eyes on my writing as possible, and BCB was obviously a wonderful place to do that. I hope that you got this post was a spoof... farce, etc. Some didn't, and frankly it has me a little concerned.