Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What to do now?

4th place and sinking like a rock …

The Giants may as well be playing on the road because they have not been able to get the crowd into a game since the middle of the first game against the Red Sox. They play one this afternoon and then go on one of their longest road trips of the year. That will include 4 in Colorado, 4 in Milwaukee (who have played better of late) and 3 in Washington – where Cain’s recent scuffle will couple with his bad luck as he’ll face off against some kid named Strasburg. Did I mention no days off?

They’ve dropped 8 of 11.

I think it’s fair to ask, should they really be looking to add now while they seem to be falling apart? Word is the Giants are looking to add a bat and won’t take a free agent to be. People seem to agree – including me – that an outfielder suits them best. I’ve been saying a while that DeJesus seems like a good fit in my opinion. I’ll add another target to that list. Josh Willingham. He’s not a rental and he’s putting up outstanding numbers. He’s got tons of pop and has been put up a .400 OBP all season long. Not a great outfielder but he won’t embarrass himself. Otherwise, they can grab that first baseman Milwaukee has during their series there, ala Freddy Sanchez last year in Pittsburg. That’d be a pretty hefty price tag, though.

BJ Upton might be available … seems like a needs a change of scenery type guy that would at the very very least add some athleticism both in the lineup and defensively.

What do YA’LL think?

I've been really busy and haven't seen all the games. My thoughts are simple from viewing the box score, double plays are out of control, starting pitching has been far less dominant and the pen has always been mediocre. I think the staff is in a slump, that will return to normal. The dp situation needs fixing ASAP and getting that extra bat will help. Still a lot of playing left, im not counting them out yet

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