Thursday, August 5, 2010

Something Special

Can you think of a historic team with a starting 5 like we have right now? If I stick with just since I have been alive, these are the 5 that come to my mind, even though I know I'm probably missing a couple obvious choices.
(2003 Oakland A's) Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, Tm Hudson, Ted Lilly, Rich Harden
(2001 Arizona Diamond Backs) Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Brian Anderson, Robert Ellis, Albie Lopez
(1993 Atlanta Braves) John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Steve Avery, Phil Smith
(1986 New York Mets) Ron Darling, Dwight Gooden, Sid Fernandez, Bob Ojeda, Rick Aguilera
(2009 St. Louis Cardinals) Adam Wainwright, Joel Pineiro, Chris Carpenter, Todd Wellemeyer, Kyle Lohse

I grabbed stats from and ran a few numbers agianst our guys, and this is what I came up with.

If I thorow out Wellemeyer because he was a bum, based on averages so far, this staff...

  1. has the lowest ERA
  2. is tied for the 3rd youngest
  3. has the 2nd best strikeouts to walks ratio
  4. is tied for most Strikeouts per 9 innings
  5. has the lowest hits per 9 innings
  6. has the 2nd lowest WHIP
Pretty Outstanding right?

Now get this. If I project out to a full season, at the current rates, this staff...
  1. will have eaten up the third highest humber of innings
  2. will have the third highest number of strikeouts
  3. will have the 2nd lowest number of hits given up
I know this is a bit premature, doesnt include Wellemeyer,and Bumgarner has only started 7 games this year but it's still impressive none the less.

Nice work! I agree their rotation stacks up with some of the best ones we’ve recently seen. May I make a suggestion? I only fixed the first rotation (the Maddux one). You simply used averages to determine their totals but probably should have used weighted averages. Basically you gave 20% weight to everyone even though Maddux pitched 267 innings (and better innings) and Smith pitched just 90. If you want, you can apply what I did to all of the rotations and see how it comes out.

Added the changes to the other rotations too, then made revisions to where they rank… see below.
has third best ERA

  1. is tied for the 3rd youngest
  2. has the 4th best strikeouts to walks ratio
  3. is 2nd best for most Strikeouts per 9 Innings
  4. has the lowest hits per 9 innings
  5. is tied for 4th lowest WHIP
and that folks is why you leave stat analysis to the pros. Thanks for the edit.

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