Saturday, January 30, 2010

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...Two of my favorites...Rob Neyer comments on Dave Cameron's FanGraphs post on how *gasp* older players are actually being undervalued now. 

Another good one by Neyer on the (on-base specialist) Molina signing.  He somewhat reiterates my sentiment, the signing wasn't great because, though Molina is well worth $4.5 mil, the Giants have limited funds and a player capable of replacing him for $4 mil less.

I may do a post later on the Giants' prospects and where they've graded out on multiple lists (I'd like to wait for Baseball America's list).  Here is's (John Mayo) Top 50 Prospects list.  Here is Keith Law's Top 100.  

Jason Stark wrote about this statement from the MLBPA, Florida Marlins and Major League Baseball.  Jason posit's here that this statement could be the beginnings of the biggest battle during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Neyer also chimed in on this a while back.

I like Stark's idea to have an award for the leagues best relief pitcher.  It'll give everyone more to discuss during award season along with the MVP and Cy Young Awards.  Neyer agreed with Stark, too.

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