Monday, July 19, 2010

Velez Returns

The Giants apparently optioned Joe Martinez to AAA Fresno and replaced him with Eugenio Velez. Velez is typically nails for about 5-6 games, maybe a week, before going into an offensive freefall and making several key defensive mistakes. Unfortunately, by then our man Bruce Bochy has installed him into the everyday lineup. Anyway, this is still a good move. Nothing could be worse than carrying 13 pitchers (8 relievers). When you carry 8 relievers and you have an excellent starting pitching staff, you basically have 1-2 guys that sit in the bullpen and light each others cleats – or shoes since they know they won’t get in – on fire. Then when you’re in a tight spot in the 10th inning you have to let guys like Eli Whiteside (try to) hit – whom can’t even hit a hanging slider. I gave serious thought that having Schierholtz pinch hit – and likely intentionally walked – and Bumgarner hit with the bases loaded with no more position players might have been the best move as opposed to having Whiteside hit with 2 on.

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