Monday, August 9, 2010

Burris Up, Wellemeyer Down (For Good?)

I’ve been saying it for a while and finally the madness seems to have ended, at least momentarily. The Giants have inexplicably been lugging around 13 pitchers (8 relievers) for a really long time, leading to such ridiculous scenarios as Matt Cain pinch hitting in the 5th inning of ball games in non-bunt situations. The Giants are promoting Manny Burriss to take Wellemeyer’s spot. I think we may have finally rid ourselves of that Wellebum. Hopefully?!

I guess Rohlinger would have been another option but it’d been less than 10 days since he was last sent to AAA and that’s not allowed in non-injury situations. What about Matt Downs? We haven’t seen him up in a while and that sort of surprises me.

I’m not sold Burris can hit. In fact, I think there’s an awfully good chance he can’t. On the other hand, I think the upside has to be that the Giants are adding a player with speed. Their roster has an obvious and glaring deficiency of speed and perhaps it’s not a bad idea to make it a little more versatile this way. Time will tell, not to mention Manny can’t possibly hit worse than Sanchez is hitting right now, and at least he’s fast.

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