Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Rivalry: Better Than Ever (Continued)

Very well said. I felt exactly the same. After the sweep of the Dodgers, I think the giants have sealed their fate as being done for the year. Yeah I know it's way to early but they really put them in their place the last two series - even as close and emotional as they were. I'm sure the 2 new relief pitchers were obtained at too high a cost, but we did need a lefty and I don't really mind seeing Martinez go. Bowker on the other hand...well I really hoped that his ability to sting the ball was going to translate into something if SF. It never did though, maybe playing everyday in Pit will be his break. The front office feels like the Giants have a lot of OFs so he was the most expendable. That's probably true, right?

I’m not really ready to write-off the Dodgers as non-contenders just yet but they’re now 9 back of SD and 7 back of SF. That’s a lot of ground to make up. Colorado is 5.5 back of SF, 7.5 off the division pace so they’re closer but a ways out. The Giants need to play well in Colorado this time around – and I think they are finally ready to. I just read they took down the Mannywood sign at Dodger Stadium. They are saying that space has been for sale all year and it was sold to a radio station and that’s why it switched. But, I think there’s a really good chance the Dodgers close up shop and waiver trade Manny at some point. I think they’re tired of his DL stints and poor defense – they may be willing to move him in either case, contention or not.
They did pay too much for the lefty almost certainly, but I’m not really concerned about it. The real get for Pittsburg was probably Joe Martinez and not Bowker. Maybe Bowker can resurrect his career ala Garret Jones – the Pirates’ first baseman. I don’t know. His minor league numbers the past two seasons have been phenomenal, particularly his sudden ability to command the strike zone and draw walks. But – he’s had close to a full season of AB’s in the bigs and his OPS is under .700 career. On top of that, he’s not a particularly good outfielder and has a terrible arm. Martinez can probably fill out the Pirates’ rotation and perform capably. If not, he can certainly be a long man for them. He’s still young and has pretty good minor league numbers.

By the way – do you realize that Torres is probably the best overall OF in the NL this year, even by Bochy’s admission? He said that recently and I was kind of surprised because he’s constantly pushed over to RF when Rowand plays. More surprising, did you realize that Aubrey Huff is a legitimate MVP candidate? That’s not joke. He’s got the 2nd best OPS in the NL and his numbers are better than Pujols’ this year. He’s also played a decentish 1B, LF and RF for the Giants. Holy smokes!

I did notice the two latter things as well. I was looking through stats the other day and realized Huff and Torres have absolutely blown all onlookers expectations to oblivion.

If his current trend continues, he deserves serious consideration for the award. The guy is playing 3 positions and has some of the best, if not the best, numbers in the league. This isn’t even considering that he’s doing it in a supposed graveyard for left handed hitters and in a lineup that isn’t exactly boiling over with protection. What may hurt him is the RBI’s. He’s not on the Reds, or the offensive power houses of the NL so the RBI numbers may not amount to something that’s digestible for the voters. It’s hard to believe that this is his very first pennant race in his veteran career – and maybe that gives him an edge.

His biggest competition is probably the other 1B around the league, Votto, Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez. I’m truly not seeing a lot of other competition out there.

Quick reply, have a meeting in 5. I'm happy with the moves. I actually think the g-men did bowker a favor, beacause they like his work ethic, and he keeps his mouth shut. Unlike Frandsen and Lewis. He was behind too many OF's here, and didn't really have any chance to get consistent AB's. I wish him well.

Huff is a badass. I love his style, team spirit, and swagger. I can tell he's happy to be here, and I can admit I was wrong about him. When B-Sabe's picked him up, I was thinking it was another Garko/Durham/Alfonso type signing. He has been a shot of life. Note: no allstar consideration for either Torres or Huff. East coast bias. We would be nowhere without these two spark plugs.

Screw Manny. Can't stand him. Proffessionl hitter or not, he is a cancer, and a crappy fielder.

True true true. Anyone who says there isn’t an East Coast bias is off their rocker. Did you know that ESPN ranked the Giants 5th overall in their MLB Power Rankings this week? They’re behind the Yankees, Rays, Rangers and Padres only. That’s the highest they’ve been since 2003 or 2004, I think – certainly this late in the season!

I loathe to credit Sabean for anything, but taking Huff's performance, Uribe's solid contributions, and Freddy Sanchez, it will be another contract for the boss man if they win the division. I know what you are thinking, these three guys were dice rolls that came up hot and we can't forget other snake eyes he's rolled with Giants money in the recent past and - I totally agree - I'm just saying he's going to have support if they win the division.

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