Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Rivalry: Better Than Ever

As a Giants fan, watching last night's game was fantastic, then it wasn't, then it was. Let me explain. We were cruising through 8 innings with a nice lead, and had weathered a couple small Dodger scoring threats. Tim was set up nicely for another win after 7 quality innings, a quiet 1-2-3 8th Inning pitched by Romo, and another stellar performance by our 2010 RBI man, Huff. Of course, the 9th couldn't be without drama. It seems like every time we see the dreaded blue, it ends up being a tense game.

Here's the Play by Play:

1) Russel Martin Starts off the inning with a single off Romo, my stomach twinges. I'm thinking "That's ok we have a 4 run lead. It's just a single"

2) Jamey Carrol almost grounds into a double play, while I stand up and yell "turn it baby, turn it!". Alas he hustles down the line and beats it out. 1 down, 2 to go.

3) Scott Posednik (where did he come from?) Hits a deep fly ball to straight away center, Torres races back, and falls down after the ball bounds out of his glove. Posednik gets credited with a triple, plates a run, and I'm afraid this looks like it will be a wild 9th. Stomach starts a slow spin cycle.

4) Denny Bautista relieves Romo, promptly gets two quick strikes, then walks Furcal on 4 pitches...not good, but we still have the possibility of a double play to get us out of it. My confidence in Bautista is zero, apparently so was Bochy's because he gets pulled for...Jonathan Sanchez? WTF? Where is Wilson? Pan to the dugout. He and his Orange cleats are riding the pine. Quiet anger on his face. No one knows why he's not getting the call. Things are getting even more tense. No lefty reliever in the pen to face the dangerous Ethier. This is baaaaadd.

5) Sanchez throws a wild pitch, Posednik scores, and I almost crap myself. I can't believe what I'm seeing.

6) Sanchez gathers himself, K's Ethier, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Ethier is so clutch. I wish we had him on our squad. I briefly think about how much I hate Brian Sabean at this moment. Beane grows these guys on trees, and then gives em away.

7) Sanchez quickly beans Loney with a high fastball. I'm conflicted, both happy and disgusted. I love seeing the Dodgers wear one, but that means the tying run is on the bases.

8) Still no Wilson. Here comes Chris Ray. He seems to looks more scared than I feel.

9) Matt Kemp singles on a full count to plate Furcal, and moves Loney, the tying run to 3rd, my stomach is now in full spin cycle. How did this all happen?

10) Casey Blake steps in the box, and I'm seeing flashbacks of Finley dashing our playoff hopes in '04.

11) Blake grounds softly to Renteria, threat averted. Lincecum gets the win, and I can sleep somewhat peacefully. Lingering thought. What the hell is wrong with Wilson, why dont we have another left in the pen, and I now realize how close the Giants really are to being irrelevant with 1 key injury. No Posey, No Huff, No Torres, No Wilson = Giants mediocre again.

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